In the Hot Seat

Sophomore Northern Kentucky University cross country runner Matt Shoulta, who won the Brian Rohne Memorial Race Aug. 11, is this week’s guest in the Hot Seat.

Tim: Matt that was a great run in the Brian Rohne 5K Memorial Run the other day. How were you able to win so easily?

Matt: I pretty much got lucky and had the right race on the right day.

Tim: Matt, did you workout much this summer in preparation for the season?

Matt: Absolutely, I averaged about 70 miles a week.

Tim: How do you prepare for a 5K versus an 8K race? Do you prepare any different?

Matt: A lot more mileage for the 8k.

Tim: What kind of year will the men have this year? Your prediction?

Matt: This is one of the most talented teams NKU has ever had, so the goal is to make nationals.

Tim: On the day of the race, how do you get psyched up?

Matt: I think about the finish line, and how fast I can get there.

Tim: Matt, what is a typical meal for you the day before a race?

Matt: Lots of easy digestible carbs and 2/5 of a box of Mike and Ikes.

Tim: What kind of goals do you have for yourself this year?

Matt: Staying healthy and helping the team make it to nationals in what ever way I can.

Tim: How hard does Coach Kruse push you during practice?

Matt: It depends on what kind of mood he is in. He can be a real slave driver or like a little puppy dog. Tim: How would you go about stirring up fan support from the NKU campus for the cross country meets?

Matt: Tell the girls that ripped guys walk around in nothing but tiny shorts and ask the guys if they have ever seen a collegiate women’s cross-country uniform.