Got an opinion? Write in!

“I hate all this damn homework these professors give us. Don’t they know we have better things to do than learn about Copernicus?”

“Why do I have to deal with all this construction? I’m graduating soon. I ain’t going to be able to enjoy the crap they’re building.”

“How can they even think of raising tuition again?! At this rate, I won’t have any beer money for the weekend!”

All around campus, one can hear opinions. Walking to and from classes, nibbling on a cookie in the cafeteria or lounging in Landrum, students are voicing their views.

While one student thinks plus-minus grading will destroy her GPA, another hopes it will save his.

A professor mentions his concern over the Lebanon crisis. His student wonders why anyone should care.

One person said he can’t believe Pluto isn’t a planet anymore. We agree, and considering that Pluto is the god of the underworld, the best response to that decision is ‘What the hell?’

But others may think that Pluto doesn’t deserve the title ‘planet.’ Still others may view the very issue as idiotic.

What better place to express their views than The Northerner? Each week, an issue appears with campus news. But what about the students’ views on the news?

If you want to change Northern Kentucky University for the better, write in! Explain your stance and why you stand for or against something. Reach the entire university and encourage like-minded students and faculty to support what you support.

No other forum has the audience The Northerner does. No other forum is designed by students for students. The Viewpoints Page’s primary purpose is to give NKU students an unequaled opportunity to express themselves.

Think Chartwell’s tastes like dirt, or like a delicacy? Write in! Explain why the food does, or doesn’t appeal to your palate.

Think Bush is an idiotic president, or an ideal one? Write in! Defend your president or defend your view on his stupidity.

Think construction has crippled traffic on campus, or will be worth it? Write in! Point out the university’s mistakes or its achievements.

Think Residential Housing needs to be revamped or does it work flawlessly? Write in! Tell all about dorm successes or failures.

Think NKU asks too much of its students, or too little? Write in! Explain why NKU should lessen the load for its students or demand more from them.

Think Joe Szydlowski’s latest article was stunning, sublime and superb, or just plain stupid? Write in! Praise the persuasiveness of his piece, or ridicule the gaping holes in his logic.

Whatever your opinion may be, write in!

E-mailing NKU Food Services, the White House, President Jim Votruba, Residential Housing and any other affiliate is certainly a good idea. But getting the word out to motivate students and faculty to join in support of increased Study Abroad funding or decreased tuition costs will only strengthen an argument.

Whatever you may think, believe, advocate or oppose, as an NKU student, your opinions are always welcome on the Viewpoints page.

Let your views be heard by more than the few people you’re talking to outside Landrum.

Who knows? You might start something big. You might make life easier for your peers, or you may get commended for saying exactly what was on everyone’s mind. You may even influence the administration into direct change.

But you’ll never know, unless you write in.