Don’t waste a minute

When I agreed to become a Northerner editor last semester, I had no idea what I was in for. I had no idea of how my Tuesday evenings would go from calm nights into frenzied nightmares as the deadline loomed. I had no idea of how many of my late Tuesday nights would become early Wednesday mornings as I stayed up to finish my page. I had no idea of how many times I’d want to pull my hair out because the spectacular headline I had created contained just one too many letters to fit.

But, most important of all, I had no idea of the priceless memories and friendships I’d create with my fellow editors.

I’ve made some mistakes, but I’ve also gained lifelong friends and invaluable experience.

Yet joining the Northerner has provided me with one regret. It isn’t the crazy Tuesdays or sleepy Wednesdays that I wish I could change.

No, my regret is that I didn’t get involved at Northern Kentucky University sooner.

I didn’t join any groups during my freshman and sophomore years. Instead, I focused entirely on school and work. That changed last semester when I became part of the Northerner team.

Now, with the new semester here at last, I want to say that getting involved is something every student should do.

Luckily, NKU offers a helping hand to students to do this. The Office of Student Life exists to help hook students up with the organizations that interest them. The Student Life Web site,, itself lists over 100 student clubs that have something for everyone.

Find French fascinating? Then Le Club Francais would be perfect. If Spanish sounds better, The Latino Student Union welcomes all students interested in Hispanic culture.

Like gaming? Look into the Gaming Guild. Cross-country aficionados may want to check out the Norse Running Club.

For political activists, a number of clubs campaign for various causes. Both Republicans and Democrats have groups representing them. But more specific activist groups exist, allowing students to concentrate on the issues they especially care about. Civil rights crusaders may want to check out Common Ground or NKU’s NAACP chapter. Both the anti-abortion and abortion rights advocates can find supportive groups on campus.

For those who desire less controversy in their clubs, a wide range groups exist for various hobbies. Karate, table-tennis, wrestling, Frisbees, sculpture, literature, singing, and so many more pastimes have their own clubs. Combine a couple of Greek letters and you’ve probably just named a fraternity or sorority here at NKU. Religious organizations exist for Jews, Pagans and several Christian denominations.

Every group gives students an environment where everybody shares at least one common interest, guaranteeing that even the quietest individuals will have something to talk about.

But, if no club appears appealing, students can form their own organizations. My former roommate decided he wanted a group for Jewish students. So, he created it.

NKU offers this vast array of groups, and the ability to create new groups, to its students. It also tries to encourage students to participate. Freshfusion, where freshmen can explore the university as well as find information about many of NKU’s clubs, gives students easy access to ask questions and find out which club fits them best.

I don’t know what I missed out on by not getting involved at NKU, and I don’t know what I will experience in my remaining years being involved on campus.

But, if my experiences at The Northerner are a clue, then I know I’ll have fun and friends aplenty.