Jacobsen completes mediation

Former Northern Kentucky University literature professor Dr. Sally Jacobsen successfully completed mediation rather than involving the court system in connection to her participation in the dismantling of an anti-abortion display at NKU April 12.

Chief Regional District Judge in Campbell County Karen Thomas ordered the mediation at Jacobsen’s pre-trial hearing May 23, where she faced charges of criminal mischief and theft by unlawful taking. The mediation was between Jacobsen, NKU, the Northern Right to Life student group and the Student Government Association.

In the mediation agreement, Jacobsen agreed to pay $270 in restitution for the stolen and damaged goods and to make a $1000 donation to the Madonna House, a non-profit organization that provides care, services and shelter for single pregnant mothers, according to Northern Right to Life President Katie Walker. Jacobsen also agreed to make a written apology to Northern Right to Life and to the owners of the crosses, the Von Handorf family and Mary Wigger.

Pleased with the outcome of the mediation, Walker said, “I’m very glad that we can finally continue the work we started in March and move past this.