The Fix

On-again, off-again couple Orlando Bloom, and Kate Bosworth, have been together four years and they’re still acting like a couple in the first month of courtship: horny! At a party in Geneva, Switzerland April 4, “Kate was sighing as Orlando nuzzled her neck,” one eyewitness said to Life ‘ Style magazine. The couple was having such a good time that an old woman quipped, “I’ll have what she’s having,” the famous line from the orgasm scene of “When Harry Met Sally.” A friend of Orly’s thinks this is just the beginning: “They’ll probably get married some day.” Let’s hope so; they say the passion cools once the knot is tied!

Beauty isn’t everything, or at least Heather Locklear doesn’t think so. The 44-year-old actress recently began dating comedian David Spade, 41, a man not exactly know for his chiseled features, or chiseled anything, for that matter. Friends of Locklear believe her relationship with Spade is her way of embarrassing soon-to-be-ex-husband Richie Sambora, 46, whom she filed for divorce from in February after 11 years of marriage, Life ‘ Style magazine reports. “Richie thinks of himself as a hot stud, so he’s really freaking out that I’m dating this scrawny guy-I love it!” Locklear recently gushed to a friend. But that’s not all; Locklear added, “David is great company and makes me laugh.”

Speaking of interesting celebrity matchups, prudish and funny unite when “Friends” star Matthew Perry and “Sex in the City” star Kristin Davis get cozy, Star Magazine reports. Perry, 36, and Kristin, 41, met at the Beverly Hills Sports Club in Los Angeles and that led to having coffee together, strolling in Santa Monica and dining at BeverLiz Caf