Chris Brown in concert

Spectators enjoyed the much-awaited Chris Brown concert in Regents Hall April 21. Although T-Pain wasn’t able to appear, the multitude of acts more than made up for his absence. Along with the originally scheduled acts, the Ebony Fire Dance team, Loud Box Records and Break Bread Records came, a few unexpected performers who had all in attendance dancing and bopping all night long.

The Ebony Fire Dance Team was a great beginning act, drawing in the crowd with its moves and energy. The team exemplified the hip-hop persona, giving the audience a stellar performance. Following in its footsteps were Break Bread Records and Loud Box Records, each bringing its unique brand of rap music to the concert, adding to the audience’s sense of anticipation. Next were four young men calling themselves Event who took to the stage and gave a performance that proved the musicians are sure to be part of the future of the rhythm and blues industry, enthralling the ladies with its soft love songs, and sweet style.

Although Sheena Dunn was the main host of the show, Chris Brown brought along his own surprise host, Brandon T. Jackson, a young successful comedian who has starred in such movies as “Roll Bounce” alongside Bow Wow, and is supposed to be in the summer comedy road show “The Teens of Comedy.” His antics set the stage for a wildly-talented 13-year old Lil’ J J to come out and amaze the crowd with his rhymes and great dance moves.

The main entertainer, Chris Brown, along with his dancers, had the audience enthralled by dance moves and Brown’s clean, clear vocals. The audience could feel the excitement as he reached into the audience to randomly touch young ladies’ hands. Afterward, the spectators waited in line to get an autograph from Event, and Break Bread Records recording artists. The audience enjoyed the lively DJ battle and the various groups’ style of performing. Most left with a very prominent feeling of satisfaction at being a part of this concert, and would love to be a party to another concert of this magnitude in the near future.