The Fix

Be careful if you meet funnyman Jim Carrey – he might shake your hand 23 times in a row. “I’ve [been fixated] on the number 23 for years,” Carrey said recently at Celebrity Fight Night XII, People magazine reports. “It’s everywhere. Each parent passes on 23 chromosomes. The Earth’s axis is at a 23 degree angle. Psalm 23 is my mantra: It’s about living without fear so I changed the name of my company to JC23 Entertainment,” Carrey said. Carrey gets to bring his number fixation to the big screen when he’ll star in the upcoming thriller “The Number 23.” “I gave the script to a friend,” Carrey said, “who called to say he was on page 23, circling every 23rd word looking for the code.”

Ben Affleck, actor extraordinaire, recently moved back in with his mom, Star Magazine reports. Temporarily at least. Afflect is in Boston scouting locations for his directorial debut, “Gone, Baby, Gone.” During his stay he’s living with his mom, Chris Affleck, in his childhood home, which seems to bother wife Jen Garner. “Whenever he goes to Boston, he likes to stay with [his mom] if possible and spend as much time with her as he can,” said Chris’s longtime neighbor. “It drives Jen crazy. Ben still consults his mother on a lot of things that are going on in his life. Jen is always telling him he’s a mama’s boy.” While Affleck’s cooling his heels with Mom, Garner’s back home on the ranch with 4-month-old baby Violet. “She calls Ben day and night, asking what he’s doing,” the neighbor said. “If he mentions his mom, she gets irritated.”

Quote of the Week

“Directors cast the men they want to be and the women they want to have.” -Susan Sarandon on the interworkings of Hollywood.