Tennis club alive and well

Northern Kentucky University’s Table Tennis Club aims to show members how to have a great serve and how to have fun while doing it. Club member Eric Schierberg believes playing well and having fun go hand in hand.

“We want NKU students to know anyone can join. Just show up to a practice ready to have fun,” Schierberg said.

The club, which practices in the Albright Health Center Fridays from 4 to 8 p.m., will give members free training and hints on how to improve.

“The Northern Kentucky Table Tennis Association provides paddles for new or potential members to use, there aren’t dues that a student needs to pay to join,” Schierberg said.

The club, led by President Adebisi Adesiyan, has participated in numerous tournaments. The Table Tennis Club has competed against schools such as The Ohio State University and University of Kentucky.

“The tournaments take place in a round-robin format; whoever wins the best of five matches between participants advances,” Schierberg said.

In table tennis participants need 11 points to win an individual match. Those points ultimately determine the victor in tournaments. Schierberg believes the club has done well in the tournaments in which is has played considering how young the club is.

“Considering that, except for Adebisi, we’re all fairly new, I’d say we’ve done pretty well in tournaments, “Schierberg said.

But, a student doesn’t need to participate in tournaments to join. Even if a student is just looking to show up and practice, the club urges them to come and see what being a member is all about.

“Students shouldn’t worry about whether or not they’re great, or even good when they show up. It’s all about fun. We’ll help you, training you to achieve whatever goal you want to attain,” Schierberg said.

Schierberg said he’s only been with the club for eight months and through the coaching he’s received his game has dramatically improved.

For more information on the club, including practice schedules and contact information, visit the web site at