Variety show raises money for charities

If students of Women’s Studies 494 Activism class needed a grade booster this late in the semester, their most recent class project was a first-rate source. April 7, the students and their professor Mari York raised approximately $1,200 via benefit show for four non-profit organizations: Women’s Crisis Center, The Native American Roving Museum, Carocole (which is an AIDS hospice), and Books for Prison, which also received several hundred softcover books that patrons donated. The show, which featured six bands, such as The Pernicious Knifs and Langus; and comedian Mike Cody, occurred at the Mad Hatter, a rock ‘n’ roll bar in Covington, Ky.

“For the most part, the bands were great,” said sophomore Kelly Cornett, who co-organized the event (booking, funding, etc.) with student Katie Kloeker. The other students of the class, unlike Cornett and Kloeker, assumed other duties at the show, such as promotion and post-show clean up.

“They worked so hard. They stayed until the very end (2:30 a.m.)” York said, who will incorporate this project into the students’ final grade. “I’m so proud of them, again, they did such a good job.”

In order for the organizations to receive a sufficient amount of money, York said 450 people – which is the Mad Hatter’s maximum capacity