Student access restricted from Facebook Web site

The multimedia functions of both and have been unavailable for users on Northern Kentucky University’s server since April 5.

Students and faculty have reported photos or other images will not load or they appear as red X’s on Facebook and video, sound or other multimedia elements of Myspace will not function.

Jason Allen, service operations manager for NKU, said in an e-mail that he is unsure why the multimedia services are not in operation.

“We are not blocking them in any way,” he said. “In fact, we cannot accurately control blocking only photos on a Web page that we don’t own – thought it’s possible to do so at the individual browser level.”

Students have reported the problem when accessing the Web sites from various locations throughout campus such as the residence halls, open computer labs, offices and the library.

“The pictures never load,” said senior Ashley Scholl, who lives on campus. “People are just question marks, blank spaces or red X’s.”

Off campus, however, several students have reported being able to fully access both Web sites.

NKU Vice President for Legal Affairs and General Counsel Sara Sidebottom said she is unaware of any legal issues in which the university and the Web sites are involved.

“Legal services have not been presented with any legal issues regarding Myspace or Facebook, to date,” she said.

Peter Trentacoste, associate director for Residential Life, said students have complained to him in the past few days regarding the limited access.

“There have been no talks of restricting use,” he said.

Trentacoste suggested that NKU’s IT department communicate with the two Web sites to settle any glitches.

Assistant Dean of Students Steve Meier said he is unaware of any university restrictions put on the Web sites.

Representatives from both Myspace and Facebook have responded through e-mail that neither site has restricted any NKU users from full Web site access.