Abortion always destroys life

The March 1 edition of The Northerner explored a few questions about abortion and the fetus (“Is the Right to Choose wrong?”).

One side represented those who support abortion rights, and the other meant to appeal to those who are anti-abortion.

I base my opposition to abortion on scientifically testable data.

When the male’s sperm successfully penetrates the female’s egg, each containing half the genetic information necessary to create a life, a zygote is formed. That zygote contains a complete blueprint of the organism’s physical characteristics, its functions and any propensity for pathological abnormalities. When the donor organisms are human, the product is a human zygote. That human zygote grows into a human fetus, which in turn becomes a human infant. Soon, the infant grows into a human toddler.

Next comes the human child, which should be enjoyable in comparison to the trouble normally associated with human adolescence.

Ultimately, the human zygote becomes a human adult. Abortion of life anywhere along the line of development would mean killing a human life-form.

Considering the liberal reference to ‘testable scientific data’ when refuting the teaching of creationism in public schools, one wonders why the same principle wouldn’t apply to defining the beginning of human life? Or for that matter, their own view of Darwinism?

Aside from the Supreme Court’s ideological shift and the fact that abortion rights supporters are mostly liberal democrats, the current trend is that conservative thinkers, on the whole, decide to have children more often than their liberal counterparts. Of the couples who do have children, conservatives produce a greater number of children per family. Be patient, anti-abortion activists. Things are getting better. The competition is killing itself. Literally.

Jay Vinson


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