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There’s no denying the closeness shared between co-stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger during the filming of their Oscar-nominated film “Brokeback Mountain.” However, that closeness wasn’t all acting-they’re pals in real life too. “Heath and I are best friends now. Making the film was very intense for us,” Gyllenhaal told the London Mirror. More proof of the actors’ strong friendship is Ledger and girlfriend Michelle Williams’ decision to give Gyllenhaal an important role in the life of their daughter; “I’m actually godfather to Heath’s daughter, Matilda, which is an amazing honor,” Gyllenhaal said.

Kid Rock is really a “cowboy” between the sheets! The rapper has won a temporary order to stop a California company from releasing an explicit sex video featuring Rock, former Creed singer Scott Stapp and four women, Star Magazine reports. Rock’s lawyers sued the World Wide Red Light District Company (distributor of Paris Hilton’s sex video) for violating the musician’s trademark and privacy rights. In fact, falsity is not an issue: “We don’t deny the authenticity of the tape,” Rock’s lawyer told the Detroit Free Press. “But they’re using this without his permission to drive the sales of their other products.” I guess we should expect the Kid Rock authorized version of the tape coming soon to a store near you.

Singer Nick Lachey could have many reasons for his absence at the Bel-Air Country Club where he and ex Jessica Simpson used to frequent, but one insider believes the worst: Nick has been banned from the club due to the machinations of his ex-father-in-law Joe Simpson! “I used to see Nick there all the time,” one insider told Star Magazine, “but all of a sudden Nick’s gone and Joe’s there several times a week.” Supposedly, the club’s security guards didn’t allow Nick entry, but Joe’s rep told Star it’s not true: “Nick is a welcome member.” Of course, Nick’s absence could have nothing do with the fact that he’s promoting his new album and spending quality time with a former Miss Kentucky, could it?