NKU provost nominated

Gov. Ernie Fletcher nominated Provost Gail Wells Feb. 23 to represent the Northern Kentucky region on the Kentucky Board of Education.

If appointed by the general assembly, Wells will be one of six new appointees who will begin serving in May.

Wells, one of the two democrats nominated, said serving on the board will require a commitment of time.

“However, the importance of public education to the future of our commonwealth justifies the investment of time,” she said.

Wells is honored by the opportunity to work with other board members in an effort to improve education in Kentucky, she said.

According to Wells, many issues important to the Northern Kentucky region are dependent on the effectiveness of education.

“The education system provides a foundation for almost every aspect of our individual lives and community,” she said.

The board usually meets at least six times a year in Frankfort for two-day sessions, but Wells said serving on the Board should not diminish her role at NKU.

“I do not believe there will be a noticeable change in my time on campus,” she said. “I remain profoundly committed to my role as Provost as I work with the faculty, students and administration to move NKU forward.”