PETA calls kettle black

I just couldn’t help but notice that the wonderful people of PETA decided to drop by Northern Kentucky University and condemn animal experimentation.

Done by an established professor, it allows students to gain more insight about diseases such as Alzheimer’s and schizophrenia. Matthew Mongiello, the “associate researcher” for PETA, sent a letter of complaint to President James Votruba who supposedly “is not adequately addressing our [PETA’s] concerns.”

I also have some concerns. Not about NKU, but about PETA. It supposedly cares about the treatment of animals.

As an “associate researcher” myself, I have found some interesting things about PETA from, such as PETA financing the North American Environmental Liberation Front, an FBI-certified “domestic terrorist” group. The site also says PETA has killed over 10,000 dogs and cats at its Virginia headquarters, target children with brochures that says “Your Mommy kills animals!” and opposes any animal research, even if it could cure AIDS.

If PETA truly cared about the welfare of animals by others, wouldn’t they first be concerned on how they themselves treat animals?

If meat is truly murder, then why doesn’t PETA keep carnivores, such as lions and bears, from eating other animals, such as deer? Where is the justice, I ask?

In PETA’s warped world, there are no circuses, no zoos and no fast food. Nor could people hunt or celebrate holidays such as Thanksgiving.

Is this how consumers would like to be treated in terms of what they can or can’t eat? If you get the chance, wish PETA a Happy Thanksgiving or invite them out for burgers. Case in point: using mice for learning about Alzheimer’s and schizophrenia by NKU.

Mike Giordano