Animal testing not ‘humane’

Professor Mark Bardgett, if he is “one of the finest faculty members,” as President James Vortruba stated, should well be aware of the technological advances in biopsychology education; he should see the wisdom in computer-simulated models that provide better data accuracy and allow practice in a wider range of skills.

If the students’ (rising) tuition can support the construction of a $37 million Student Union, it can certainly work toward better and more humane means of teaching.

A Positron Emission Tomography scan may be costly, but ingenious interactive computer programs are just as educational if not more so than traditional animal labs, as the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine will attest (

Northern Kentucky University prides itself on its being progressive–if that is the case, the university should relegate animal experimentation to the 20th century.

Kyllikki B. Brock

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