Americans apathetic about the Olympics

February has arrived, and so has the 20th Edition of the Winter Olympics. However, the public has little knowledge that the greatest sporting event of our planet has begun, much less where Torino is located. Situated in the Alps of Northern Italy, Torino is the proud host city of this year’s winter games.

Ask anyone on the street if they know that the games have started, and you will get blank faces. It seems that unless the Olympics are hosted on our home soil, the American public cares very little about this historical event.

Yet, we should be very aware of an event of this magnitude because it offers us a glimpse into our global community.

The Olympics are a way for people to gain insight into areas that many of us rarely think about.

The opening ceremonies of the games give us a glimpse at the historic value of the host city and country as Torino did with their Renaissance tribute, the Red Ferrari Showcase, and the great finale with Pavarotti.

I am sure the public has some knowledge about these things, but while watching the ceremonies, one can see the great pride that the Italians showed.

The Olympics do carry a strong force. Political views are forgotten for one night.

A great example would be how North and South Korea marched into Stadio Olimpico during the Parade of Nations, united under one flag, something politicians and governments have not been able to accomplish.

The spirit of sport holds even greater value as Israel and Iran will be competing against each other not in a war over holy land, but in peace and as friendly opponents.

Yes, the Olympics are a great event that educates us about the world and teaches us the values that are important in our society.

I urge you to watch the Olympics and show support to the great American athletes who worked hard to gain their spotlight, but do not forget those athletes from small nations such as Ethiopia, Costa Rica or Nepal, whose sole representative stands for an entire nation’s pride.

Pavel Romero