Kelso moves past accusations

More than a month ago, an open records request was submitted to Northern Kentucky University requesting the phone records, e-mail and other miscellaneous information from the Dean of Students.

The request was initiated by Paul Vesper, a Covington lawyer, and written by Brandon Voelker, the assistant Kenton County attorney.

Vesper told The Enquirer that his original reason for requesting the information was because he heard that Kent Kelso, the dean of students, was “intimidating” NKU’s College Democrats, which President Gabe Cronon denied.

However, Voelker told The Northerner that he requested the information because he believes that Kelso was using his influence and paid office time to campaign for Kenton County commissioner.

Kelso denied the allegations that he was campaigning from his NKU office.

During the reading of the hundreds of e-mails that were released in compliance with the open records request, The Northerner found differently.

The e-mails, searched by Northerner staff members, covered a wide range of topics having to do with the campaign, including: