Program to assist new students

Students Today As Residents Tomorrow, a new program at Northern Kentucky University, welcomed first-time students who started classes this spring semester.

START has its first meeting Jan. 26 in Norse Commons.

Matt Brown, director of housing, and Katie Avra, assistant director of housing, came up with this program to help welcome students, introduce them to the campus, the village and life at NKU.

“In the fall we have Fresh Fusion and other events for new students,” Avra said. START is a way to offer students who start in the spring some of the same benefits.

Guest speakers from several different organizations came to the meeting to inform students about different programs offered, tips for success and the benefits of living on campus.

Associate Housing Director Pete Trentacoste helps introduce students to resident life. “The best part of my job is working with students. Seeing someone go from freshman to senior is amazing to watch,” he said.

Many programs at NKU have a hand in ensuring academic excellence.

The NKU Academy is offered to students who want to attend the university but do not meet the requirements.

It is a five-week program that includes two classes. During this time, the students will live together in University Housing.

First Year Programs is another organization available to students to help them get familiar with college and the campus. They offer University 101 to inform and prepare students for success. They also offer learning communities that link two or three of the students’ classes together.

For students interested in getting a feel for their career field can choose to be part of the co-operative education program.

The Career Development Center helps students create a balance between earning and learning.

They also offer a career-planning course and organize three career fairs per year.

Student Assessment and Retention is an area on campus that offers help to students.

They help students get through barriers and resolve temporary issues. During the meeting, START handed out bookmarks with the 12 tips to student success, the top 10 excuses for missing class and ice scrapers.

Residential Housing is planning fun events throughout the year as well as freebies. For tickets to Kings Island or gift cards to Newport on the Levee, they are the people to contact.

The speakers emphasized the importance of getting involved, finding a mentor and staying connected.

Some residential assistants were also there to give students some advice for having a successful college career.

“I would be more choosy about people I associated with,” junior RA Abby Plageman said when asked what she would change about her first semester in college.

All of these programs are here to help students stay on track and be successful in college, with their careers and in life.