Athletics to create Facebook policy

A policy outlining guidelines for Northern Kentucky University student athletes is being discussed, according to Jane Meier, director of intercollegiate athletics. Beginning in August, a Facebook policy will be included in the student athlete code of conduct.

Facebook is an online social network of college students nationwide that allows users to post personal information, photographs and comments for their friends and schoolmates to view. Though the Web site prohibits nudity in photographs, it does not, however, screen for illegal activities such as drug use, underage drinking or these activities on university property.

“Right now my position from a department standpoint is not to restrict (Facebook) usage,” Meier said.

Though the policy will not necessarily restrict student usage, Meier said that coaches would have the ability to decide if their team members will be allowed to participate in the online student network.

“Some coaches have indicated that they don’t want their athletes on it,” she said.

The discussion of a policy spawned after the popularity of Facebook among students at NKU surged. Meier said