Does NKU care about diversity?

As a student here at Northern Kentucky University, I am concerned with the leaving of Ms. Cheryl Nunez and the dissolving of the Office of Affirmative Action and Multicultural Affairs. I was led to believe that things were changing for the better after meeting Dr. Dennis Weatherby in his position of Associate Provost for Student Success.

That is a conclusion that I am now questioning.

After coming back from Christmas break I was looking forward to the Dr. Martin Luther King day celebration that has occurred each year since my freshman year here at NKU. I have wondered since Nunez’s departure if the university is no longer concerned with the life and legacy that Dr. King has passed on- which needs to be remembered each year.

Dr. Martin Luther King day should be remembered because it is likely that the one day his life is celebrated is the only day that most people think of the racism that we came from. We continue to go through it-although in most cases it is not in physical form.

Anesha Harper