NKU dream becomes reality

Supporters of Northern Kentucky University have worked for years to get an on-campus special events center, but it has always been turned down. This year a dream has become a possibility.

Governor Ernie Fletcher announced that an on-campus special events center was his top priority. Northern Kentucky lawmakers publicly rallied behind the project as well.

It was the behind the scenes work of NKU’s Joe Wind who let lawmakers know that such a facility was needed. Thanks to his persistent work, a long time dream is now a reality.

Wind, the executive director of government and community affairs, helped persuade lawmakers to approve a $60 million special events center and a $34 million student union building. The layout of the buildings is still being designed. The budget also allowed $6.4 million in operating funds for NKU.

Joe Wind sat down with WNTV and The Northerner, to discuss the passage of the recent state budget and what it means to NKU.

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