The Fix

The DeLorean might be back for a curtain call. The makers of the ’80s classic “Back to the Future” are thinking about creating a fourth installment. As for the man who made the movie possible, actor Michael J. Fox told that he would be eager to participate in the proposed sequel, on one condition: He’d play the mad scientist Doc instead of reprising his former role of Marty. “I’m 44 years old now and I’m not interested in running around on skateboards,” Fox said.

In the wake of the successful May-December romance of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, a couple in a similar age situation may soon be following suit. Actress Cameron Diaz, 33, and singer Justin Timberlake, 24, reportedly got engaged shortly after their return from their holiday ski trip to Telluride, Colorado. “Justin didn’t get down on his knee,” a source told E!’s Ted Casablanca. “They were just talking about it and were kind of like, ‘Yep, let’s do it.’ He didn’t give her a ring, and she’s still not wearing one. But she is squealing, like, all the time.” However, if we take the account straight from the horse’s mouth, Diaz’s rep is denying these rumors, telling MSN Entertainment they’re “all wrong.”

Paris Hilton, the epitome of chastity and virtue. Right. Considering her X-rated video that stormed the world, you’d think Hilton in Playboy would be the next logical step. Wrong. The 24-year-old Hilton told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that there’s no chance she’ll strip for Playboy, no matter the amount of money thrown at her. “They’ve asked me a million times,” Hilton, said. “Hef (Playboy founder Hugh Hefner) has been after me since I was 17, and I got offered a lot of money.” When interviewers reminded Hilton of her less than tame lifestyle, she insisted, “I’ll never do it,” and gave the undeniable reason: “Because I’m Paris Hilton.”

Quote of the Week:

“Clothes are not a superficial thing with me. I look at them like paints. I put together outfits like I put together a painting.”

-Kanye West on dressing artistically.