What will your legacy be?

Homecoming is an event that embodies the unity of pride, spirit and tradition in a university. The 2006 Homecoming Celebration at Northern Kentucky University is no different. From the theme to the events scheduled, Homecoming 2006 has been revised to reflect the new university emerging from transition-transition from local university to a regional front-runner and a well-respected state institution.

Over the past 30 plus years our university has continued to grow and prosper; whether it is academically, athletically or in reputation. Our alumni become more prestigious in the region and the nation. All of these changes prompted the student-run committee to create a new Homecoming, a synergy of existing traditions and events with new events, enhanced traditions and icons that will last for generations to come. The 2006 Homecoming Celebration has a theme to reflect all of these changes and that theme is Lasting Legacies.

No Homecoming however is successful without student participation. More than 70 students stepped forward to be in the running for royalty, but student involvement goes beyond that. We must all have pride in our great university and the sports, traditions and alumni that make NKU unique.

The 2006 Homecoming Committee has planned several events for every student, faculty and staff member to participate in. From banner painting and helmet design to cheering on the Norse in Yell like Hell, there truly is something for everyone.

A signature event was added to Homecoming week; the Gold ‘ White Gala. It’s a semi-formal celebration that plays host to student talent and recognizes the most spirited organizations, students and faculty and staff on campus. What about the events on campus? There is a brand new event; the Norse Festival which is touted as the Freshfusion of the spring semester where free food, events and prideful display, in a carnival atmosphere will bring the heart of the campus alive with Norse Spirit.

In the community, two events lead the week. The first Service on Saturday will allow NKU alumni, faculty, staff and students to give back to the community that gives to them. Following that Sunday, Norse Day at the Levee returns to greet the community with Norse Spirit Icons and the Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams.

There are so many ways to show your pride in NKU, from wearing university gear to showing your artistic talent; all you have to do is get involved. Don’t know how, visit http:/studenthome.nku.edu/~homecoming or email homecoming@nku.edu. Homecoming 2006 has the possibility of being a powerful week, the committee has mixed all the right ingredients yet we are still missing one ingredient and that is you. We encourage you to help us create Lasting Legacies at Northern, get involved. Will you be a legacy at NKU?

Gabe Cronon


NKU College Democrats