Staff editorial

First of all let me say that I applaud the efforts of Students Together Against Racism. Eliminating racism is a goal for which every student on this campus should strive.

Now I will address what has been said regarding the conduct of The Northerner. I have heard from students in the black and latino communities here on campus students think The Northerner isn’t covering events on campus that are important to minorities. I agree with that. If you look over this semester’s papers, you should be able to tell that we have made a concentrated effort in widening our coverage in these areas. However, you’re right. It can always get better.

But how? The Northerner has a core staff of about 15 writers. There’s roughly 15,000 students on this campus. That’s one Northerner newswriter for every thousand people. Even if we got paid (haha), had no classes (right) and slept in the office (nothing unusual there), we still wouldn’t be able to cover every story.

So what’s the answer? STAR has suggested a workshop. The Northerner has already attended one such workshop this semester which included the student media board, Penny Summers, Dean Kent Kelso, Dean Pat Moynahan and some others. A workshop is not the answer. Action needs to be taken.

The Northerner wants to have a diverse staff with diverse views. We want to be able to represent this campus to the best of our ability. We’re not doing that right now, but we can’t do it without your help. We simply don’t have the people. You want more diverse coverage on your campus? Anyone can write for us. We’re in UC 203. Come on in, introduce yourself and let’s get this campus covered like it should be.