Rap group mixes Linkin Park style with Jay-Z attitude

Imagine, if you will, that you’re a member of one of the most popular bands in the modern era. People everywhere know your name. You can’t walk down a street without being recognized instantly and mobbed by fans. For most people, that would be enough.

But not enough, apparently, if you’re Mike Shinoda.

Shinoda, one half of the vocal drive behind Linkin Park, will return to the music scene soon, with his latest project entitled “Fort Minor: The Rising Tied.” Linkin Park has become a phenomenon around the world with its awesome music and amazing lyrics that most people can relate to.

The band has carved out its own niche and succeeded on its terms. No doubt Shinoda is looking to knock another home run out of the park with this latest offering. The album, which is executively produced by Jay-Z, features rap artists both new and known, such as Styles of Beyond and John Legend.

Fans who are looking for this album to feature appearances by Chester Bennington, Phoenix or other members of Linkin Park, don’t hold your breath. Mr. Hahn, the band’s DJ, is the only one to do a guest spot, and it’s on the last track of the CD. However, all of Shinoda’s guest rappers more than make up for their absence.

Following the success of “Collision Course,” the late 2004/early 2005 collaboration between Linkin Park and Jay-Z, the duo of Z and Shinoda reunite to produce a unique, though somewhat repetitive product. The first track, entitled “Remember the Name” starts off sounding like it could have been a Linkin Park song. Later on in the album, Shinoda cuts a track entitled “Get Me Gone” about his past in the music industry. Shinoda uses nothing but a keyboard and his feelings to make accurate and honest points about his passion for music.

“The Rising Tied” brings a unique touch to the music scene. It showcases Shinoda’s talents, which some people believe go unnoticed among the backdrop of Linkin Park. It shows that Shinoda maintains his roots of amazing, well-paced beats and honest lyrics. It’s not a five-star find, but it deserved a reception when it debuts.