Dialogue successful, constructive

I congratulate Students Together Against Racism and the other student organizations for having a successful Dialogue on Racism session Nov. 17. The meeting was conducted in a constructive way and identified many student concerns that Northern Kentucky University needs to address. I’ve only been at the university for three months, and the session helped me understand the students’ perspective on many important issues that impact recruitment, retention and campus climate. While NKU has made great strides under President James Votruba’s leadership in many of the areas you identified, there is still room for improvement. I am confident that Votruba and Provost Gail Wells are committed to continuing the progress that they have begun. I look forward to working collaboratively with students, faculty and staff to continue NKU’s success and make significant headway in addressing your concerns.

Dennis W. Weatherby, Ph.D.

Associate Provost for Student Success

Northern Kentucky University