ESPN should punish Irvin

Over the holiday, former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver and current ESPN studio analyst Michael Irvin was being taken in by police in Plano, Texas, a suburb of Dallas for an outstanding warrant because of an unpaid speeding ticket.

As the police were in the process of questioning him, they searched his car and found drug paraphernalia in his car. Irvin was a superstar player on the field during his playing career with the Cowboys.

However, this isn’t the first time he has been taken in by police. His past is checkered. One of his biggest charges occurred back in 1996 when he was charged with cocaine possession and had to pay a $10,000 dollar fine. He also had to go through four years of probation as part of his punishment.

Leon Lett, another former Cowboy, failed a drug test and had to sit out the entire NFL season back in 1998. Lett is also famous for not letting other NFL players start their touchdown celebrations early. In Super Bowl XXVII, he was about to score on a fumble return but Buffalo Bills receiver Don Beebe knocked the ball out of his hands.

ESPN, as we all know, prides itself on being the worldwide leader in sports and does an excellent job of trying to bring its viewers to as many sporting events as possible.

As the NFL season goes on, fans of the NFL will have to see how this plays out and if it will elevate into something big or just goes away entirely.