It all depends on what Bible you use

Joshua Grooms wrote a letter to the editor voicing his distaste for the recent uprising against gay bashing in the NKU community. He wrote that “The Bible ‘condemns homosexuality very blatantly'” and “Homosexuality is a sin like any other sin. Gossip, theft, lying, murder and adultery are all sins, as well. Every sin is equal in the eyes of the Lord and every sin is also forgivable.” He says this because his bible says so. He believes what his bible says. Well, if Joshua completely believed what his bible said, then he wouldn’t be able to acknowledge the existence of dinosaurs. It sounds ridiculous that I would bring up a point like this, but Joshua, has clearly stated in his letter, that he solely believes in what his bible tells him and he will not stray his thinking from it.

Also he mentions in his letter, “I myself am tired of people changing what the Bible says whenever it suits them and calling it “interpretation”.” Well unless you have a direct line to the man upstairs…everything is an assumption and it lets people take from it what they will. I recall it saying in the bible, “What you hold true on earth, I will hold true in heaven.” My take on that saying is, live a good life (not killing your fellow man, robbing, or causing harm to others) and you will be accepted. But what do I know? That is just my take.