The Fix

Being an actor and dating Brazilian supermodel Gisele just isn’t enough for Leonardo DiCaprio. A source tells Star Magazine that the 30-year-old is trying to pull together partners to build a “hip, young and cool” hotel and casino in Las Vegas, Nev. “Leo loves Vegas and he loves gambling, so he figures, why not open up his own casino and make some money while having some fun?” Or he could lie on a beach in Brazil with one of the hottest women alive. Whatever.

The Camden family is on its way out: after 10 years of moralizing, the WB’s show “7th Heaven” has been canceled. Star Magazine reports that the show was dropped due to a cost-cutting decision by the network. But fans shouldn’t get too upset-creator Brenda Hampton promises that the last season will be “the best season we’ve ever had, and we’re planning a very exciting and heartwarming conclusion to the series.”

The stars of “The Notebook,” Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams, may be living their own love story. Despite McAdams’ recent denial of the relationship’s existence in an interview with Elle, US Weekly reports evidence to the contrary. Gosling was bumped from first-class on a recent flight from Chicago to Los Angeles, and a fellow passenger took advantage of the chance to get the dirt about the actor’s love life. “He was smiling, and his face was beaming,” the witness told US Weekly. When the witness asked the 25 year old if he was dating Sandra Bullock, Gosling replied, “She just got married. I’m dating Rachel McAdams.” Whoops. I think Gosling let the McAdams out of the bag.

Kristin Cavallari, star of MTV’s “Laguna Beach,” has moved beyond her home town reputation of being a heartbreaker and discovered a new kind of love: puppy love. The 18-year-old is dating Brody Jenner, star of Fox’s “The Princes of Malibu,” who recently gave her a new puppy. “It’s a French bulldog named Bentley. [But] he’s gone through like five different names so far, so we really don’t know yet [what to call him],” Cavallari told US Weekly.

Quotes of the week:

“My mother still says, ‘Remember when we saw “Fatal Attraction?” He was having sex with Glenn Close on the dishwasher.'”

– Catherine Zeta Jones on husband Michael Douglas.

“Honey, when it comes to sexual intelligence, you can call me Ms. Einstein.”

-Kim Cattrall on her new book/HBO special, “Sexual Intelligence.”