NKU sports should be covered

In the recent issue of The Northerner, Edition 37, Issue 11, I was quite disappointed when I turned to the sports section. The whole page was about the Northern Kentucky University basketball teams and the Bengals. Now I am not saying that we don’t have a great basketball program and that they shouldn’t be recognized, but as a member of the women’s soccer team here at NKU there was nothing to be read about us.

First off, it is not my intent to insult either of the basketball teams, but half of the page was an article about how the men’s team lost to Xavier. I could be wrong, but I would rather read about how a team, such as women’s soccer, is doing so well this season, and not about a team losing. Tonight is the first round of the NCAA tournament that we worked so hard to be the No. 1 seed in order to host. Along with this accomplishment, this past Sunday our team won the championship title for the GLVC. As I mentioned above, we are the No. 1 seed in the region, and also ranked sixth in the nation. It is an honor that we are ranked so high in the region and in the nation- not to mention that we won the GLVC tournament.

What really fired me up was the article on the Bengals. The women’s soccer program is a part of NKU and I feel that before we write about an NFL team, we need to recognize those sports teams at NKU first.

Amy Law