Winter Intersession ‘ no considerations

November 4, 2005

To whom it may concern,

My name is Kristen Franks, and I am having a problem with financial aid. I will be a senior after this semester with a 3.44 GPA. I have registered for Anthropology 394 (Peasant Societies) during winter intersession. Now, according to the registrar’s office, a student can no longer add an intersession class to the next semester’s financial aid award. In the past, students have been given the opportunity to take a class and that class is added to the next semester’s financial aid award. I think that NKU should continue this policy.

I feel that if I am experiencing this problem, there are probably many other students experiencing the same problem. I have never been late in payment for classes; I just do not understand why I am prevented from using the spring financial aid award towards the winter intersession class. I am a single mother of a small child. And do not have the ability to pay cash for this class. Many other students do not have the money for the winter intersession class. I feel with these new policies that enrollment will plummet or the students will drop immediately upon the realization of these up-front costs and new payment policy or maybe an oversight to the already in place payment policy. During the registration process I was completely unaware that I would have to pay up front. I can not believe that NKU would not offer any solutions to this dilemma. I hope this email will lead to some sort of solution. I would really love to be able to take this class during winter intersession.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Kristen Franks