Smoking should be restricted

I agree with the article that was in the paper a couple weeks ago about the smoking problem on Northern Kentucky University’s campus. I believe Joe Mills brings up some very good points; the smoke that students are forced to endure on their way into campus buildings is a nuisance as well as a health hazard.

As a student who gives tours to prospective students and their families, I find it embarrassing to have to walk a group of people through clouds of smoke just to enter a building. I have even had students and parents comment on this during their tours.

As Mills said, smoking shouldn’t be banned all over campus. There should definitely be some areas for students to go when they want to smoke. However, I don’t think the entrance to campus buildings where all students must walk is the best place to light up a cigarette.

While NKU is constantly taking great strides to improve our campus, the smoking issue is definitely a black mark on our campus’ image.

Heather Burns

NKU senior