God made gays ‘as they are’

I would like to answer Jay Vinson’s letter to The Northerner concerning gays. I am the daughter of a minister and have always attended church faithfully. I am presently the secretary of my church and am very active in my church in many ways. I am also the mother of gay adult children.

My faith is firm, and I believe strongly that my God loves me and my children.

I cannot believe in a God who would bless me with wonderful children and then condemn any of them for something over which they had no control.

God made them as they are, and He makes no mistakes. I know that many think that to be gay is a choice. Just think about it. Could you “choose” to be gay? And if you could, would you, considering how you and others feel about anyone who is gay?

It makes me sad that you would judge people without even knowing them.

Have you read Matthew 7:1 in your Bible, “Judge not, lest ye be judged?”

My children are good, loving, independent and very successful children in life.

If everyone had children just like mine, they would be truly blessed!

Marian Weage

Junior, Theatre