NFL recycles talent

The NFL has long been a league in which they are a like a large recycle bin. This could be a good thing or a bad thing. A good example of how the talent works in the league is happening in Dallas. Led by coach Bill Parcells, the Cowboys are having a good season with their 5-3 record and are currently in 2nd place in the NFC East.

Parcells is a coach who has had great teams in the past such as the Giants and Patriots. He is now trying to construct Dallas into that caliber type of team.

The recycling of the league can also be a bad thing. Take for an example former Houston Texans offensive coordinator Chris Palmer. Here is a guy who was hired by the Cleveland Browns and was expected to build the team into a winner.

However that didn’t happen as he was fired after going 5-27 in his two seasons as coach of the Browns. He was supposed to build the team around former University of Kentucky standout quarterback Tim Couch, but he didn’t blossom into the quarterback that the Browns had hoped. The Tim Couch versus Akili Smith rivalry was one that blew up in the face of both the Bengals and Browns. Sports Illustrated magazine even made it their front cover story of this was going to jump-start the Bengals versus Browns rivalry. It’s a wonder if a NFL team will ever hire Palmer again. However, as we all know this league is one of abundant second chances for players and coaches alike.

One of the biggest things that cause the recycling of players is the injuries that happen to them. Quarterback Drew Bledsoe is a good example of this.

As the rest of the season plays out in the league, fans will have to keep their eye out and see how players and coaches are recycled in the future.