Celebration ‘overdone’

The recent viewpoints article titled “Gay lifestyle ‘is a sin'” (Oct. 26, Edition 37 Issue 9) left me sitting in a puddle of “what the hell?” When did an editorial become an excuse to spread dogma? According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, faith can be defined as, “a firm belief in something for which there is no proof.” For someone relying on faith, this person seems pretty sure of God’s will. Jay Vinson wrote, “in fact, God does love them, I can say, with no doubt, that he does not love their lifestyle.” He goes on to quote the Bible, there’s a shock. What happened to “judge ye not, lest ye be judged,” as found in Matthew 7:1. Being sure that homosexuality is wrong is very judgmental. I don’t see any faith here. I see close mindedness, sure, but no faith.

I wasn’t particularly happy with the flood of gay pride on national coming out day either. The sidewalk chalk didn’t bother me so much. But a sign in the middle of the grassy knoll labeled ‘homo hill’ was a let down. The day wasn’t just about pride, but about awareness. To put up a sign like that made people uncomfortable. Making it only a place for homosexuals reinforced segregation. I was sitting in the Fine Arts building with my gay and straight friends laughing about how overdone the whole thing was.

I don’t disagree that the celebration was overdone, but why would a person judge a whole orientation of people by its most outspoken? Trust me, I’m not judging all Christians by the writer of this article. That would be ridiculous, and I’ll bet I would have a lot of angry religious activists. Now, would you make a blanket statement that all straight people hate homosexuality? No, because that too, would be ridiculous. So, why make a statement about homosexuals in the same way? This recent article said that the graffiti was a plea to “those who find it unnecessary to publicly declare their heterosexuality.” Well that letter seemed pretty “hell fire” declamatory of heterosexuality. It’s okay. God still loves you.

Adam Bass