Slurs show hate on campus

By now, everyone has noticed the abundance of chalk on campus. Regardless if you agree with Coming Out Day or not, the chalk slogans have brought an awareness of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans gender (GLBT) presence to the forefront of the campus mind. While our goals were to encourage rational discussion and education, the response to our event was petty and unauthorized. Statements such as “Homosexuality is Immoral,” “Adam and Eve, Not Adam and Steve” and “Boycott Gay Pride” further highlight the very real prejudice and homophobia which live on our campus.

Our campus received a very small glimpse into the everyday life of a GLBT student, including the constant underlying fear of hate which exists in today’s cultural climate. It exists in our politics, on our streets, in our churches, in our jobs, in our family life and yes, even on our campus.

The apathy of the everyday person who hears a homo phobic slur or sees discrimination and says nothing is what allows this hate and fear to continue to exist. Both our chalking and the response serves to ameliorate this disease of apathy. Coming Out Day raised public allies for our group, but the chalkings in response have given us more. They are a reminder that hate will not be tolerated and that discussion and further education will not be stopped or silenced.

To our new allies: We have seen you erasing anti-gay slurs and replacing them with statements of support. Thank You. You are a reminder that individuals can make a difference in the lives of others and the society that they live in.

Happy Coming Out Day!

The members of Common Ground

Mike Volmer


Social Work