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I am a former student of NKU and live in FT Thomas, KY. I have an article that I believe will be inspirational to some of your current students.

Dear Northener,

My wife, Crystal Jones, has been writing since she was a young girl and has created many great stories.

A story Crystal wrote, “Cricket”, was recently chosen to be published as part of a collection of short stories for children and was released 10/01/05. The title of this book is “Say Good Night To Illiteracy”. It is published by a Texas based Half Price Books and distributed throughout the country by their retail stores.

My wife and I have been long time residents of FT Thomas and I feel the release of this book would be interesting to your readers, so please join me in celebrating this milestone in her life.

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Please keep all contact information confidential.

Contact Information: Contact Person: Crystal Jones 830 Alexandria Pike Apt. #315 Ft Thomas, KY 41075 (859) 442-0393 Home

Article about my wife Crystal’s first published story.

We all have memories from our childhood, of things that sparked our curiosity, made us question the world around us and search for answers. “Cricket” is Crystal’s first published story and is drawn from just that kind of childhood memory. Having written most of her life, “Cricket” is a columniation of years of writing and an overly fertile imagination.

Crystal has tapped into long ago childhood memories to spin this short but wonderful tail of a child’s search for an elusive cricket and the emotions that accompany the search. She hopes this story will spark the curiosity of young children and transport their parent’s back to a simpler time in their life when everything was new and the world was something wonderful to be explored.

“Cricket” was published as part of the short story collection called “Good Night To Illiteracy” which is published annually by a Texas based bookstore chain named “Half Price Books”. “Cricket” will help to generate funds that fight illiteracy, a worthy cause in everyone’s mind. Crystal would like to encourage everyone to purchase this book in an effort to fight illiteracy and in the process provide a child with a beautifully written and illustrated collection of short stories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Biography: Crystal was born in Cincinnati, OH, at a young age her family moved to Highland Heights, KY and eventually she settled in Ft Thomas, KY where she currently lives with her husband Dutt and little dog Riley. Crystal has studied writing though the Institute of Children’s Literature.

Thank you for your consideration, By Dutt Jones FT Thomas, Ky