Proposed housing in works

Demand tests and discussions will decided if another residential building will be added to Northern Kentucky University’s campus, according to Mark Shanley, vice president of student affairs.

He and other administrators are discussing the idea of expanding the residential village.

Shanley said nothing formal has been decided, but since occupancy has significantly increased on campus, he projects that new residential building will be needed.

“We are in the very preliminary stages,” he said.

Shanley said that they plan to test the demand of housing by looking at the amount of applicants among other things to see if the new building would be necessary.

The soonest the building would be able to be used would be the fall of 2007, but Shanley said that the university would “have to work very quickly.”

Shanley said the new building would be similar to the University Suites, since so many students have requested to live there.

“Right now we’re just looking at demand analysis and seeing if this is the right way to move forward,” Shanley said.