Into the Blue can ‘wait for the DVD’

In the shark-filled waters of the Bahamas, divers Jared (Paul Walker) and Sam (Jessica Alba) discover a shipwreck containing millions in gold at the bottom of the sea. Nearby the newly discovered shipwreck, Jared and Sam, along with two friends, find a sunken plane full of illegal cargo.

The four make a pact agreeing not to tell anyone of what they have found, so they can obtain the treasure before anyone else.

Unfortunately, they’re not the only ones who want to cash in. Pretty soon, a crew of dangerous criminals is closing in on the sunken plane.

Most reviews of this movie are negative. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution rated this movie a C. Their critic said, “It’s almost campy enough to be worthy, except it’s not.”

E! Online rated this a D. Their critic said that “horny teen boys will totally dig it, and everyone else will quickly realize this is simply fool’s gold.”

Anyone who wants to see this movie can wait for the DVD, instead of spending money at a theater.

The movie takes too long to get to the main point of story and has no definite target audience. The crowd in the theater consisted mainly of middle age adults ranging from 25-50. A few children and young adults were also watching the film.

The movie’s plot is murky from the beginning. All the audience knows in the beginning of this movie is that Jared and Sam live on an island somewhere in the Bahamas where they work in the water and live in a trailer. They love to deep-sea dive, and each other.

Rating: C