The Northerner’s ‘censorship priorities’ are wrong

Last week’s comic, Grimmer, stirred up a question that I had. I was wondering why the Northerner censored out Chris’ face in the last frame of the comic? Doesn’t the Northerner allow freedom of speech?

Nick Prince

I was told that the Grimmer comic with Chris’ name mentioned was supposed to have a picture of him right next to it. Why was the picture blacked out? Is The Northerner going to censor Grimmer now? What happened to freedom of the press?

Aaron Angel

Lately I have been loving the comic Grimmer, but last week’s comic, something was wrong.

The comic itself was still funny, but where it said “In Memory of Christopher Wesellman” it had a odd black box next to the text.

The black box appeared to be on top of something. I asked if anyone knew what was up, and heard that the black box was where Chris’ picture was supposed to be.

Then later, I heard that his picture was censored because the guys who do the comic didn’t have his permission or something.

I’m not a journalism major, and even I know that if you are using a pic in parody, then you can use it.

Also, if The Northerner stands by their “no-permission” guideline, then they should have put a box up when Grimmer last year had pictures of G.W. and Prince.

Also, it was OK for The Northerner to print the picture of an “alleged” rapist on the front page, but not ok for Grimmer to have a picture of Chris Wesellman?

It sounds like The Northerner’s censorship priorities are wrong.

Cory Bankemper