stupid president

Dear Editor,

December 7th, 1941 is a day that has indeed lived in infamy. By four years after that day, the USA had mopped up the once great German and Japanese military. We were truly liberators, a beacon of hope and security to the world.

September 11th, 2001 is another infamous day. Now more than four years after that day, Osama Bin Laden walks free to terrorize and brutalize again. We have not moved to bring hope and security to the world, rather we have plundered a non-combative, sovereign nation, via blitzkrieg, flying in the face of what our fathers and grandfathers fought for. We might as well have rolled right thru Poland, just like Hitler.

Haven’t you had enough of the illegitimate yahoo who has degraded our principles and subjugated the will of the people to his unquestioned loyalty to the oil companies? Can we stand another year of this miserable, vindictive, loser, idiot, failure? What’s next, an “accidental” carpet bombing of North Korea? Argentina? Seattle? We’re overdue to pull the plug on the loose cannon who has dragged the good name of the USA into the muck.

Impeach Cheney NOW!

Doug Ploehn, Yosemite, CA