God has no place in public domain

Whose God do we want to include in our schools, courts and government? And what of the Constitution’s separation of church and state; are we to forget that?

Or shall we use the founding fathers’ God – the thought that everyone had the ability and right to choose their own beliefs?

Because. like it or not, the founding fathers were not Christian. They were students of the age of reason. They believed in a person’s abilities to live and prosper on their own without a god to guide them. The Founding Fathers didn’t want anyone’s god or beliefs forced upon them.

So why do we attempt to force Christianity on citizens while invoking the founding fathers?

If this question of including God in our schools is settled, think of this.

If instead of having Christian prayer we have Islam as the religion of our schools, would we allow that to happen? Why should anyone sit aside and allow God to be included where he is not needed?

This great country of ours was not created as a Christian nation but as a secular refuge for all creeds and religions.

Yet now we want to force Christianity not only on those living in America, but also on the founding fathers of two centuries ago.

There are even those who want to forcefully convert Muslims living in other countries.

What gives us the right?

Would we not fight for our lives, our freedoms, our religions if someone were to try to forcefully convert us to another way of life?

Would we not take up arms against another nation that invaded us?

Those people who would include God in our schools, courts, and governments are in a vocal minority. It is time for the majority of America to stand up and speak out. If we never speak we will soon be living in a Christian nation instead of the secular nation that our founding fathers intended. Do not fear to speak up against religion being instituted into the public domain.

Religion is something meant to be celebrated privately in homes and churches, not in our schools, courts and governments.

Sean Lachenman


Chemistry major