The Man Review

If you can, try and remember the dad from the American Pie movies. Do you remember? Good. Now try and remember how he acts in those movies, embarrassing his son and making all of us get down on our knees and thank God that he wasn’t our dad. Now, let’s put him in a new atmosphere, substitute a group of guns for the pie, and legendary actor Samuel L. Jackson, and you’ve got The Man, a new comedy that is sure to be a hit.

In The Man, Eugene Levy plays the part of Andy Fiddler, a family man in the dental supply industry. Levy plays the part well, with all the same signs of being a dork that he showed in the American Pie series. The movie gets going as Andy heads to Detroit for a dental supply convention. Simultaneously, ATF Agent Derrick Van, played by Jackson, is under investigation for a robbery on the ATF arms locker, in which his partner participated. His partner’s now dead, and Van is on the hunt for the gunrunners. Using his connections Van arranges a meeting for a buy, when Levy stumbles into the meeting. The arms dealers think he’s Van, and the chase (and race) is on.

While Jackson’s acting is, as always, superb, it’s Levy who truly shines in this odd couple. His wit, sarcasm, and hilarious escapades make this movie a must see, and play well off Jackson’s hard-nosed cop character. But, as with most movies Eugene Levy stars in, he has his softer side, too. Viewers go into Van’s past and learn that he has a daughter that he hardly ever sees. Andy helps to open Van’s eyes to his daughter, while still retaining his cop cool.

Throughout the escapades through Detroit, you learn a lot about the characters of Andy and Van. Van is hard, cool, and confident; Andy is scared, confused, and bothered by what is going on. You learn about Van’s past, while you also learn why Andy shouldn’t eat red meat (trust me, just watch the movie, you’ll laugh until you cry!) Make sure you see the movie, if you want a good breakout comedy with two legitimate stars. Oh, and watch out for Booty. (Again, see the movie.)

My Rating-4.5 out of 5 stars