The Issue: Roberts nominated as chief justice

On the issue of whether or not John G. Roberts should be confirmed to the position of chief justice of the United States, I had to dig deep. There were so many unanswered questions: the 15 missing cases from his time as Deputy Solicitor General, his views exactly are on key issues and his level of experience. There is no doubt that Roberts is a picture-perfect candidate, but is he experienced enough to lead the Supreme Court?

When it comes to serious issues like the confirmation of a man that will guide our civil liberties and rights as Americans, we must question everything. To fully understand the nominee, you have to dig deep and inspect every aspect of his legal career. In doing so the Senate Judiciary Committee should be allowed access to all legal documents that the nominee was involved in. So why has the Bush administration been hiding 15 cases that Roberts had worked on? Is it the fact that Judge Roberts’ opinions could be clearly stated in the documents? If so, what are they afraid to show?

The Bush administration would like you to focus on the picture-perfect candidate, from his family to his career to his accomplishments. If I have learned anything in my life it is that perfection does not exist. Could his imperfection be the fact that he is a right-winged, ultra-conservative judge that could undo all the liberties given through the Supreme Court? Is that why we have no idea what Roberts really stands for?

To the question of his experience; Robert’s clearly is a qualified candidate for associate justice. He has presented more than 30 cases to the Supreme Court. But do his two years on the bench really give him enough experience to be in charge of our highest court? Is there not a more qualified candidate, not even from within the Supreme Court? We are asking an affluent man from an affluent family to rule as the highest judge in our land. Are his life experiences and judicial career enough? For his entire life Roberts has been privileged: the best house, the best schools, the best jobs. Where is the hardship, the understanding of the real America, the lower classes? These are the people that the law ultimately affects.

John Roberts is surrounded by questions. He is vague on his points of view. We know only part of his career because some of it is hidden. He might be qualified to be an associate justice, but he is not qualified to be the chief justice. This is a position that requires a person has clear intentions and an ability to unambiguously define a stance on any issue according to the constitution. I will not support Roberts as associate justice or chief justice until he answers some questions and opens his entire career for all to see. This man could change my life, your life and the lives of future generations until he dies. There is no time better than now to find out who this man is.