NFL receivers’ behavior getting ridiculous

The behavior of professional athletes these days is getting out of control, especially in the National Football League. If players – such as Randy Moss and Terrell Owens – would just keep quiet and play the game like it’s supposed to be played, the NFL would be in much better shape. Although, as we all know we don’t live in a perfect world. Owens has had some great moments on the field. An example of this would be when he scored the game-winning touchdown against the Green Bay Packers in the 1998 playoffs as a San Francisco 49er. Owens’ trash talking off the field has taken away from these accomplishments. Everything seemed fine and dandy last week when he reported to Eagles training camp after his week-long leave from the team. It was reported that he had a five-minute meeting with coach Andy Reid before he took the field on August 17, and they got everything squared away. It will be interesting to see what happens on the NFL opening weekend when Owens and the Eagles take on the Atlanta Falcons on Monday Night Football. The Monday Night Football personnel will sure have fun playing with this story line. Moss couldn’t be outdone with his name not in the news along with Owens. In his interview with “Real Sports” on HBO, he admitted that he has smoked marijuana since entering the league but has never faced sanctions from the league’s substance abuse policy. One would think that after all the controversy Owens was facing that Moss – being the infamous trash talker he is – would just keep quiet and let his talking be done on the field. Supporters of Moss are arguing that the HBO network set this interview up to damage Moss’ character more than it already was so they could improve on their sagging ratings. Moss’ character was damaged heavily last season when he had his fake mooning of the Green Bay Packer fans when he was playing for the Vikings last year. He has seemed to find his niche with the Oakland Radiers and their “Black Hole” fans. Moss had a rough road starting when he played college football. He started out set to play at Notre Dame but was released after he got into some trouble at his high school. He was also released from Florida State for smoking marijuana. He finally settled on Marshall University, where he teamed up with current New York Jet Chad Pennington to set numerous personal and team records at that school. The NFL is getting better at controlling the behavior of the athletes through the strict penalties they enforce, and hopefully they will continue to do so.