True Nuclear Global American Democracy!

“‘HAPPY’ NEW YEAR!!!” THE NATIONAL MOST CRITICAL ELECTORAL HUMAN HEART REMAINS PURPOSELY – DISASTROUSLY – DISREGARDED!!! (MERETRICIOUS “‘EQUAL’ ‘OPPORTUNITY'”) IS THIS OUR GOD-GIVEN TRUE AMERICA??? (“CORPORATION OF CHURCH AND STATE”!!!) (IMMORAL”‘HIGHEST’ ‘EDUCATION'” FOR INHUMAN GLOBAL EXPLOITATION!!!) As long as all of Our Very Own “Sacrosanct” Religionist-Politicking Top World’s “Leadership” Never Truly Preach to Secure Almighty God’s First Primordial and Fundamental Human Rights (for Our World’s True American Democracy’s Peace and Prosperity) our whole “American” world is inexorably destined – UNEXPECTEDLY – TO PERSONAL AND NATIONAL NUCLEAR ARMAGEDDON! Most Predominant as Abominable is “The Church” – as “Free and Separate from The State” – ever clearly most carelessly delinquent, and only sanctimonious, as never preaching God’s Truth; and so, flagrantly violating The Supreme Inviolable First Commandments of GOD’S CRIMINAL LAW of Patriotic Love – FOR MAN’S TRUE EQUAL OPPORTUNITY! LEGISLATED AND ENACTED UNIVERSAL BASIC FUNCTIONAL LITERACY and UNIVERSAL BASIC HEALTH INSURANCE are – ABOVE ALL RELIGIONISTIC-POLITICKING – ALMIGHTY LOVING GOD’S First Criminal Laws of Highest Human Rights In Principle, for TRUE AMERICAN DEMOCRACY’S EQUAL HUMAN OPPORTUNITY – so that Each American Citizen become mentally and physically EQUALLY capable to Reach His Divine Providence; that is, for All Human Beings, EQUALLY, without discrimination, to accomplish and “transfuse” Their God-given BEST Inspirational Energy-Capabilities – GOD’S BEST ENERGY, NO MORE, NO LESS, WITHIN US – to others, to help them also to reach THEIR GOD-GIVEN BEST ENERGY- CAPABILITIES, in TRUE THANKSGIVING of Reciprocity. FOR TRUE PATRIOTISM, it is infinitely abominable, as damnably shocking, to realize the perpetually discriminating astonishing ratio of Functional Illiteracy and No-Health-Insurance “In Our Very Own Ultra-Wealthy America”, all expanded and superimposed – for “inexhaustible” Inhuman Exploitation – on The Whole God’s World of Nations as “The ‘Best’ Example of God’s Democracy”! Couldn’t this so-called “Best” be BEST, Perfectly Well, called “A Perpetual, Subliminal, ‘Diplomatic’, and Sanctimoniously FANATIC GLOBAL TERRORISM”??? Our Original “American” Worldwide Slave Trade (now modernized and camouflaged) still persists “indomitable”, forever raging – GLOBALLY! Can we get away with “Murder”? WE MUST FIRST OF ALL REALLY – AND TRULY RELIGIOUSLY – FOREVER LOVE OUR TRULY ALMIGHTY GOD-GIVEN TRUE AMERICA!!!