Letter to the editor

To the editor of the Northerner:

In the wake of the Hurricane Katrina disaster, and the ongoing relief efforts, I am absolutely appalled by all the finger pointing that is coming from politicians and celebrities. Trying to place blame at this time is pointless. It takes away from the rescue and relief efforts and puts even more lives in danger.

Instead of concentrating on getting help to those who need it, many people are trying to tell the nation who is at fault. Robert Kennedy, Jr. blames President Bush for doing nothing about global warming. Michael Moore releases a sarcastic open letter to the President which blames him for everything bad that has happened since time began. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton go on television and claim that the problems are racially motivated.

These people disgust me! Instead of working to help those in need, they are trying to gain political points with the American people! That tells me that none of the individuals above care one bit about the people in need. They care more about their own political clout and in positioning themselves for the next election. The American people should be as outraged as I am about this.

Is President Bush to blame for this? He might be and he might not be. That is not what people should be concerned about right now. What is, and should be, the main concern is helping the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Once that is done, then we can place the blame where it needs to be. Until then, all of these critics should just shut up and help.

Jeff Foster Junior Double Major in History and Secondary Education in Social Studies fosterje@nku.edu (859) 442-7006