The Fix

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, affectionately dubbed “TomKat” by the media, have been avoiding the spotlight recently while Tom finishes filming “Mission Impossible 3.” Despite being missing in action in the media, a source for said that “Wherever Tom is, Katie is not far behind.” The twosome will probably be married sometime in the six month hiatus between November, when the filming is completed, and May, when the movie premieres.

Newly divorced actress Jennifer Aniston had an unexpected visitor last week at her rented Malibu residence. According to, Santa Barbara resident David Hesterby, 48, was arrested by local authorities for trespassing last Thursday. Allegedly he walked into Aniston’s pad by means of an unlocked door, and told an employee that he was “looking for Aniston.” When Hesterby was challenged by another employee, he supposedly fled, jumping over a fence. Officials apprehended him walking on the beach, and he was held in custody Aug. 26 in lieu of $500 bail. Aniston was away at the time, filming her upcoming movie “The Breakup” with actor Vince Vaughn. Perhaps Hesterby was auditioning to become the new Mr. Aniston.

Rocker Jack White, front man of The White Stripes, got a little confused recently at a Washington State gas station. According to In Touch, Jack yelled from his tour bus, “Hey Renee, can you grab me a soda?” The only problem is, Jack was speaking to his wife, Karen Elson, not his ex-fianc