NKU student bares all

Steve Logan is a humble guy. Though he looks like a model and easily fits the stereotype, he hasn’t let his fame go to his head. From March until May, this Northern Kentucky University sophomore was out west in Los Angeles as a contestant in the VH1 reality TV show, “Strip Search.” Judges found seven contestants from across the country who were “hot” enough to perform in a male stripper dance troupe from Las Vegas, Thunder from Down Under. “They auditioned 300,000 guys all across America on their search and they were just looking for the all-American guy,” Logan said. “They narrowed it down to 40 guys and brought them all back to L.A. From there they sent some more back home and 15 were picked. ” VH1 representatives picked Logan while he was stripping at Red Cheetah, where they held the Cincinnati preliminaries. “None of the other guys from Cincinnati ended up making it (to the finals), it was just me, but a lot of them had the potential to make it,” he said. Logan didn’t find out that he was going to be on Strip Search until its producers came to his apartment unannounced-where they made him strip in front of the other tenants. He and 14 other guys were flown to L.A., where they were housed in mansion in downtown Hollywood. “We had a health/fitness center, dance floor up in our attic, our own bedrooms, personal chef … they had cameras on 24/7 – even when we slept,” he said. Logan definitely didn’t get to bask in the California sun all day, he and the others had to learn all sorts of risqu