Umm… I wish I knew!

Hi, My name’s Adaora Mbelu. (I know it sounds like the designer brand…ha!)I’m a student here at NKU. I would like to know what it takes to be a writer for The Northerner. I have a passion for writing and would really love to have some of my stories published in the Northerner. As an International student, I go through some “crazy” Experiences that enlighten me daily , and I think a narration of some of these experiences would make a great impact on the college community. Life in the U.S from an INternational Students Perspective. There’s a bunch of creativity stored up in my head, (errr.. I think) and id love to get an opportunity to pour it all out and i think it would be nice if I can do that here at NKU via The Northerner. I’d be glad if I recieve a response from you . Thanks! Adaora (smilessssssss!, a bigger smileeeeeeee)..